WOW: Hundreds of illegals STORM Cali Border Patrol

This is raw footage from yesterday as hundreds of illegal immigrants try to cross the Mexican/American border out in California. The border jumpers started throwing bottles and rocks at patrolmen and the crowd had to be dispersed. It really picks up at the 2 min. mark.


  1. Shoot the bastards

    • shoot the bastards huh? even the guy carrying his daughter? what about the terrorist bastard with one leg? you are a douchebag sir and you ought to shut your mouth

      • Why? They are criminals, guilty of a felony crime.

      • So you are advocating them breaking our laws, commiting a felony. There is a reason they are ‘illegal’ aliens. You, sir, are the douchebag.

        • he is not advocating them breaking the law, he is question the poster post about shooting them. should we just abandon humanity?? F*CK them.. shot them and let them die in the desert?? what american we are.

          • Cathy, which part of ‘they were “attacking” our guards’ did you miss exactly? Sorry but paintballs are not enough, at all. The fact is, you shoot a couple of the agressors, and you may save hundreds of their lives.

          • they were doing that as a distraction so the other could get across.. I still stand by what I said.

          • Ok… so you are saying they were knowingly, and willfully, helping to perpetrate a felony in progress with attacks on law enforcement personell? So, in your analogy, if a criminal is shooting at cops trying to stop a bank robbery in progress, they should not shoot the bastard? Sorry, your arguement lacks merit.

          • Cathy, perhaps Lawrence Brown was using bad terminology. What he and wilcro are saying is that they should shoot the LAW VIOLATORS because the situation was very much out of hand, and very dangerous. They are only saying we should defend our borders and SAVE others from injury or death. Are you saying you support crime?

          • looks more like a full scale invasion to me … Terrorist and the enemy’s of your country will always use children and the sickly as human shields … I know because I have seen it done

          • Americans first. We have children here in our own country that we need to be looking out for. A lot of the illegal mexican males come and rape and murder our young. Where do you draw your line?

          • The blacks go into black cities hang out there and kill BLACK AMERICIANS OVER DOPE, sane thing goes for our Humble Mexican Latino family . WE ALL NEED JOBS and GOP dont want you to take our Jobs, OR KILL ANY AMERICIAN..IT”S NOT RACIST TO NOT WANT DEAD AMERICIANS. OR PUT REAL AMERICIANS ON WELFARE..OR TO WANT OUR REAL KIDS TO WORK EVERY COLOR..AND 1/2 OF ILLEGALS ARE BLACK TERRIOST….who kill our Africian Americian teens

          • Using ALL CAPS makes you sound crazy.

            Is that what you intend?

          • Only a NON CHRISTIAN liberal would put you down troll. Asshole.

          • A liberal uses this: your White your a racist, you lie, Your Crazy, your Stupid, You owe us for slavery…YOU LIBERAL RACE CARD IS OVER..

          • We are the americans under siege,assault,theft,gang violence,drugs.A stand must be made!!!

          • Cathy — try to enter Mexico from their southern border —–They will have no problem shooting you ———–

          • You are correct Randy, and it does not matter what age your are, who you are, or what your intent is, not the mention they do not shot to wound, they shoot to kill.


          • They should become Jews! Then they can endlessly whine about past problems and create the only American-subsidized militaristic, racist, colonial, land-stealing, borderless apartheid theocracy in the Mideast.

          • Liberals hate whites Jews.

          • They will shoot to kill – men, women, children and unborn children. We need to do the same.

          • They come into USA blacks and Mexicans to steal our Real Americian Black and Mexicans jobs

          • They will shoot you dead without hesitation then laugh about it together. Get real.

          • Illegals and blacks are the top 2 killers in USA

          • and so the invasion continues !! If we tried to enter Mexico the same way they would shoot us for sure !! Its the bleeders,oh what about humanity ?? Well, alot of that HUMANITY will rape and kill and victimize our loved ones or fellow citizens !! Get a fucking back bone !! They must fix their own country ,not run over here and FUCK OURS UP !!

          • Yes we should shoot them dead. If there any difference between them and some scumbag terrorist with an RPG? Not in my eyes. They’re all criminals. No mercy for criminal invaders. It’s time all of you pansies realize that.

          • Yes! they should be shot! Maybe you should to to over run Mexico and see what they do to you

          • A “compassionate” person who opens her house to anyone needing “human help”will soon find herself homeless.

            We can’t bring in 50 million people (the current illegals and their kids/relatives) all at once…especially since they broke the law and feel no loyalty to the USA (as evidenced by their refusal to learn English).

            Look how people squawked when a teeny-tiny “sequestration” complicated their lives. Wait to see what happens when millions of nannies and leaf-blowers bankrupt America.

          • Sounds about right to me………

        • In States with no ID laws they voted the swing states THEY STOLED 2 ELECTIONS and in 50 black Counties Blacks was so racist not 1 romney vote…Get the Black vote, Get the hispanic Vote, get the latino vote..were all = liberals , and this is a RACE WAR you liberal, Communist, Socialist, islam Beast started

      • I have no legs and no sympathy for them I do my damnedest to make ends meet and the government keeps taking away from me after I have paid in starting at the age of 16 I’m 49 now they take from me to give to these criminals who have not paid 1 cent. If they want sympathy they can find it between shit and ciphalis

      • So, the guy with one leg is going to help our economy?

      • It would probably discourage others from trying, thats all I personally care about. They shouldn’t be here unless they go through the proper channels, period. We’ve been too soft on them for too long, time to shackle them up and send em packing. I live in California, I see the degradation and congestion caused by illegal immigrants, I’m tired of it. It’s not a race thing, or a family thing, or a bleeding heart liberal thing, its that these fuckers are breaking the law and the legal citizens of the border states are the victims.

        • Matt, better to have hard working Mexicans than all those Moslems Obama is bringing in… read before you spew your filthy mouth.

          • The problem is that there are TOO Many Illegals in the country now..There already are not enough jobs to go around for American CITIZENS. It has to stop somewhere.
            And what about the violent jackasses coming in with the rest of these people?..
            People better wake the fuck up soon before shit really gets out of control and a real civil war starts..

          • It’s already WAY out of control!

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          • I think you responded to the wrong person…..sounds like you are going in the right direction though, lots of misspelling – although I totally know where you’re coming from. You are on the right track for sure, but again…not sure why you responded to ME with this posting.

          • Sorry i have delexia and was a Foster kid My parents was murdered by Blacks coming in for THERE FAIR SHARE home invasion I AM NOT RACIST WANT TO SAVE WHITE PEOPLES LIVE MAKE US = AGAIN..STOP RACE WAR WITH WHITES..STOP RACE CARD…we was dong fine until Obama..Again sorry for spelling very hard just trying to save white peoples lives..and end there hate and WERE BEING BEAT TO DEATH DAILY and Liberals Control all news web: ( LEFT MEDIA BLACK OUT)…even face book are Liberals…AND HELL HOLE OUR TROOPS, VETS, TRUCKERS, ALL AMERICANS , EVEN WHITES DO MATTER.. Liberals we Count too we are all -= stop killing us and stop your race card and lets get along again

          • Ok some of what’s being said is crap, Joe is correct but its not that there is not enough jobs there are plenty of jobs,
            most are far to low of pay because of all the border brothers coming in.
            My fear on all this be nice to illegal crap Obama has going on is the Muslims are crossing threw to here from Mexico.
            So I guess you all are correct and all are wrong but what matters is none of you approve of them coming in and as long as our Country is in this shape it will continue


          • Joe i have a feeling we will end up in a Civil War with these scumbags

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          • 24/7 more race card.

          • Where do you suppose many of the Muslims cross our borders? Everyone is familiar with money crossing the palms of law enforcement to allow most any illegal activity. Look at what the drug cartels get away with in Mexico and many other S. American countries? Our federal agencies are in the illegal drug business, too. You have not been paying attention to what is happening not only in our country, but worldwide. Muslims are winning the war for all of Africa, the Asian countries, and even the UK.

          • The ratio of hard working mexicans and economy draining mexicans is not in our favor.

          • No it’s not better we shouldn’t have ANY ILLEGALS in this country ! It’s is long over due to round up these criminals and send them back to their country of origin! That includes these anchor babies! And to the radical muzzies if you don’t like our laws take your retarded ass back to the 7th century hell hole you came from!

          • Jackie, you do realize that not all of those jumping the border are Mexican, or hard working. There are criminals, and terrorists also jumping that same border.

          • STOP YOUR RACE WAR WITH WHITES, AND YOUR RACE CARD, you don’t like us get the hell out of USA were sick of your never ending race card you act like black thugs.

          • The one is not better then the other. We should not have to choose, keep both out of this country.

          • 79% of illegals are Muslim, Obama AKA Berry is one of them

          • Jackie, wth do you care. You HATE America and Americans anyway. Telling Matt to read before he spews his filthy mouth. Your a wanna be Jew that just spent 2 months with a married man, oh and lets not forget you “blue boy”….ROFL who is filthy!!! ROFL!!! ROFL!!! btw that is not a pic of you and if it is it must be about 200 years old. Quit harassing people when you have an entire forest of logs in your own eye. just saying

      • Dear Max…thank you for having such compassion. Yeshua said: “I was hungry and you fed me’.. Mexicans are NOT lazy people, they are not trouble makers (not talking about drug cartels). They are penniless and will come to America to do the dirty jobs that lazy people won’t do. Here in Canada, they are well received and loved and become good citizens. GOD bless you Sir.

        • Jackie, there are indeed some good, hard working Mexicans! We aren’t talking about them, but the illegal immigrants in the border states that routinely break laws, do drugs, work as mules for the Mexican Cartel, etc. You say you live in Canada. How then is it that you know and understand the problems the good people of the border states are enduring as a result of illegal aliens? So many aren’t (and don’t intend to be) “good citizens”! If you want them, then TAKE THEM! We don’t want those people here!!

        • there are many of us that are penniless here in the states too….and it’s because what we earn is being taken from us to care for the LAZY people…both citizens AND illegals. It’s a messed up world!

        • Share a border with them, and then we’ll talk…

        • Well, I think to get into Canada you have to meet criteria. That includes a sponsor and financial security. In fact, Canada has a limit to how many can immigrate into the country. Canada does not import poverty-stricken people. Canadian workers are losing their blue collar jobs to the Chinese though who are said to be high performers comparatively speaking, noncomplainers, willing to go the extra mile. So…before you throw stones…

        • Janice Nunley Erickson

          good u heard her go to Cana
          da where they will welcome you!

        • Well Jackie ———–Canada can have all the USA’s Illegals ——–When are you coming to pick them up???????????????????

        • Ill do the dirty jobs to survive i’ll clean tolits and this is a Liberal Communist lie

      • Yes Kill em all it is time to use force just as the mexico would do against us it is time to close our borders once and for all these people are not welcome and real Americans don’t want them here

        • They don’t have to worry about anyone sneaking into their country…

          • Actually they do, but they take extreme measures to prevent it, like shooting back, fences, and imprisoning those who are caught in the country illegally.

          • I was being a little sarcastic, because most people are trying to get OUT of there, not in. Most countries take better measures than we do….unfortunately on our part.

          • Actually, people south of Mexico are trying to get in, granted in order to continue their travels north to the US, but they are trying to get into Mexico from the south.

      • The guy carrying his daughter should be thinking about his daughter and not using her to break our laws as well as putting her life in danger. What type of example do you think these parents are setting? They need to stay in their own country and work to make it the kind of place where they want to raise their children. They have had centuries of opportunities to do so.

      • You should go join them, and be mowed down with them. I’ll happily pull the trigger.

      • SHOOT THEM.

      • the guy carrying his daughter? He is a coward period, they are INVADING a country, and if the shoe were on the other foot, Mexico would shoot first and ask questions later. And the man with one leg, how does that make it any different. HE IS BREAKING THE LAW, he is INVADING a country so maxtennison stick it.

      • Stacy Commiekiller Lives

        yea..even the thug carrying the kid! Its called an INVASION! wake the hell up

      • When people invade a border, it is the right of a country to defend themselves.
        The scumbag brings his daughter to an invasion? And you’re supporting HIM? Want HIM over here?
        Wow. What a traitor.

      • YES even the scumbag carrying his daughter. If they want to come here, let them do it legally or not at all. It’s idiots like you supporting these scum invading our country that are part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

      • just another illegal advocating for his illegal buds to cross the border so we as taxpayers can support their worthless asses.

      • Shoot his brown ass right in his fucking head! – he will drop his daughter and I assure you, the memory of her daddys brains spraying all over her will forever keep her from breaking our laws.

      • You STFU. Liberal / communist/ Marxist troll. Break are laws and BYE, BYE. Go meet yer maker fekers.

      • If American’s were storming Mexico like that We would be shot, even if we were “USING” a child as a shield! Did you notice I said USING a child as a shield??????What a coward! He should be shot in his nasty head!

        • They kill our mexican latino family here daily top 2 killers in US are Blacks and illegals who kill more than iraq war each year..web site is: Black murders

      • I agree, ” shoot the bastards”

      • The risk they take. Like they wouldnt if reversed .

      • using a child as a human shield to save your life won’t save your life it will just slow you down

    • I agree totally with you Lawrence!!! I don’t give a shit if their holding children, cats, dogs, whatever, shoot their asses!!! They sure wouldn’t think twice if we were holding OUR loved ones in our arms!!! Close OUR damn borders, America can not afford to take care of these freeloaders that are illegal and the ones that are already here legally!!! America needs to take care of AMERICANS and fuck the rest!!!

      • These fuckers think this country belongs to them! They readily admit on a consistent basis that they will “take over”. Shoot em all.

        • AMEN please we need our Jobs lord every REAL AMERICIAN ITS NOT ABOUT COLOR we need to provide for our familys

          • Amen to shoot them all, because your lord wants them all dead. Only Americans go to heaven, because we’re the chosen ones. Those are real values. Biblical values. By the way, it is families, not “familys”.

          • Our Lord wants no one dead. He wants to see all saved. The Jews are Gods chosen people. Read your Bible. To find the truth ask the Holy Spirit o reveal the truth to you.

          • How are a certain ethnic group “chosen” Religion is poison and “god” in the bible is a psychopath.

          • No God in the bible is not a psychopath. And religion is not poison. Hogwash!

          • No, the buybull is HOGWASH!

          • You say that the lord wants everyone saved, yet the jews are gods chosen people? It’s a universal contradiction. This God of yours would probably and most preferably want everyone saved, period, leave it at that.

          • “You say that the lord wants everyone saved, yet the Jews are gods chosen
            people? It’s a universal contradiction. This God of yours would
            probably and most preferably want everyone saved, period, leave it at

            The Jews are God’s chosen people according to the Bible, but he wants all saved. Sorry if the truth is not politically correct.

          • Zionist Jews are the children of Satan. Yashua the Christ told us this in the 8th chapter of John.

          • Watch “Jewish Rabbi explains why its ok to suck baby penis” on youtube
            and I’m sure you will agree that the Jews are not god’s chosen people.

          • we are all god’s chosen children & for you to use what has been known as an altered book to proclaim jews god’s chosen speaks volumes on your though process, grandiose & deluded & i’m seeing you believe everything that is written shows your lack of open mindedness, the rule makers (NWO)are the reason racism exist, to cause hate against each other lowers the population due to ethnic cleansing, shame you think your minority are the chosen

          • Romans 13. God hates lawlessness. Open YOUR wallet and feed these families.

          • They can come here…. America has fed millions! They just must come through the front door not the back door. America is the largest immigration country ever, where man can come here to be free, earn a living for his family and prosper! But just follow or laws and study, take the test, learn English and voila, you can live here, and be free here! We are trying to preserve the greatest country on earth, where man is free! It was an experiment tried by our founders. However they were worried and said we would never fall from a foreign enemy but fall from within. We are a nation of laws, and once we ignore those laws, the people here will suffer. That’s the suffering you should be worried about. You should be worried about America becoming a nation of men instead of laws. The Founders said we are a Nation of LAWS not men…They sai d we are a REPUBLIC not a democracy…. They knew what would happen if we just let anybody in without them following our laws! Men will be enslaved then and freedom will not exist.

          • carolinelouise your comment I cannot agree with more. Yours is the most intelligent comment made here. I wish this country was filled with more people like like you. If it was I know we would all be ok. Im afraid we’re all doomed though. Ignorance is rampant these days and I live in constant fear. I dont know how to make this feeling of doom go away.

          • Thank you Laura. That was nice of you to say….. Obama was re elected due to ignorance. Ignorant does not mean stupid. It means “without knowledge, ‘ and Mr. Obama counted on that ignorance. Our education system has failed us along with the breakdown of the family unit. I think these are the two biggest problems that are harming this Nation.— When I was a kid, I had a father and mother in the home. The father taught you about America and what she stands for. They were also grandparents at the dinner table as well. The family unit was more intact. You learned about America and what she stood for from them… We are a nation that provides equality at birth, but not equal outcomes. That’s up to you, how ambitious you are and how willing you are to work hard. The “work ethic” was taught….So as you know, things have changed. We have half a country of freeloaders, of people who feel entitled….I say this because one half is supporting the other half. Only half of the people pay taxes….The rest are drinking the water instead of helping carry the water. President Kennedy said, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you. But what YOU can do for your country.” Today, it;s the opposite and this belief, the opposite, is destroying America.

          • I agree. They call us racist because they cannot justify what they are doing. They are anti-American, and commit all kinds of fraud, and see nothing wrong with it; anything to get what they want.

          • “Romans 13. God hates lawlessness. Open YOUR wallet and feed these families.”

            Yes God hates lawlessness, so why pay extortion? These are people coming to take and violate the law, keep them the hell out.

          • Funny that everybody goes by “abiding the law” but when it comes to international laws and starting illegal wars… it’s justified… Hypocrisy?

          • What illegal wars?

          • Love thine enemy…

          • Loving them would be to send them home, lest they turn our country into what theirs is.

          • HE HE wait until you lose your job because of these freeloaders you idiot………………….

          • Really? You’re going to offer up grammar corrections after THOSE remarks?

        • and yes they will take over and then it will be the same piece of shit country that they left.

          • They won’t take over if we get off our lazy asses and do something about it! It’s too easy to sit and read posts like this, vent our anger and do nothing. I’m an old man, but if I could afford to move down to protect our borders, I sure would. Heck, I live on the Canadian Border. There are as many Muslims up there, wanting and trying to sneak in every day. Both borders are in a world of hurt and poorly protected.

      • You two… are what is wrong with this country.

        Granted… they are not citizens of the U.S… but that does not mean you kill them for trying to come into this country.

        You have to remember… ALL of our ancestors are IMMIGRANTS to this country… should the Native Americans have killed them all because they were invading their land? They didn’t.

        Hell… everyone who complains about someone taking their job… really… if you’re afraid to lose your job… then you’re honestly just the dumbest motherfucker alive (if you have a decent job)… OR… you’re in a job that you don’t work hard enough at, so you should DEFINITELY feel threatened about losing your job.

        Be thankful for what you have! Because these people are trying to get something more out of life than what they have, which is usually NOTHING.

        Before you open your poisonous mouth full of hatred… try using that little thing between your ears called a BRAIN… in conjunction with that cold, black, cholesterol encrusted blob in your chest called a HEART…

        We are all God’s children… regardless of Race, Nationality, Gender, Sexual Orientation, etc.

        If you would turn away those in need… then don’t expect the Lord to open the door for you to his Kingdom when it comes time.

        • Give me a break. This comparing the illegals invading this country to take advantage of free care that citizens can’t afford to those that come over on the Mayflower is not even close. We welcome people that come to this country Legally. To sneak in to think they have any more rights then those that work had to become citizens in the proper means is criminal.

          Its not that they work harder but will work for less money and send part of that out of country. Money that is not helping any one here. If you don’t think this is happening then just look at house keeping in the motel/hotel business. Look at the restaurant and those working in the back.

          Why don’t they try and make their country better then acting like a criminal and breaking and entering into this country. Maybe we should treat those that come from just south of our boarder like they treat those that invade from just south of their boarders?

          If not fire on them then use non-deadly forms like bean bag, water cannons, or pepper spray to keep them out of this country illegally.

          • It’s not about anything but MATH, moron. We can not afford any more leaches in this country. If they are legalized, they will pay NO taxes because all they are qualified for is low paying, labor intensive jobs. We have what is called Earned Income Credit. Meaning, if you have dependents, and don’t make much money, you get back more than you pay in. Which means, you also qualify for food stamps, medicaid and every other benefit we have. It cost REAL taxpayers $10,000 + for every child we educate. How many kids do they have? If they have 3, that’s 30 Grand. But, you say, they only do jobs that Americans don’t want to do. True. Solution…. Make the lazy bastards we already have in this country, get off their lazy, welfare/food stamp/medicaid drawing asses and go to work before they get their benefits. Meanwhile, the people that want to come here legally, like maybe and engineer or Doctor, someone who may actually contribute to the system instead of suck off of it, are forced to jump through hoops. Go back to school and learn some math, LIBTARD

          • top 2 killers in US are Blacks and illegals , who kill MORE , than Iraq war each year, web site is: Black murders

          • I suppose you’d have them living in your home. Or living like they do here in my town. Actually right across the street from my house and next door FYI.. a 2 bedroom house with 12 or more, people living in it. Babies sleeping on the floor and such because they can’t get jobs and afford better? They live with some legal relative that supports all of them? That’s a good life for these people? This is what you support? Illegals making babies here on American soil they can’t care for, just so they can stay here. Then these kids grow up in poverty in broken down trailers, this is okay with you? Well, I see it everyday sir and it’s not something I think is Okay.

          • They live like that to save money that they send out of country to take care of family there. They choose to live like that not because of a lack of work but to send the most amount of money out of country they can.
            There are also Americans living the same way because they can’t find a job.

          • Taxes mean nothing when trillions are being spent on a military that spends more then over 30 countries combined which 27 of them are allies. :)

          • The US provides security for the world, which is wrong. We should STOP giving money to terrorists like Karzai.

          • What? Why did you post this to me? I agree with you we can’t afford to grant any amnesty. We need to secure our boarders and keep out the illegals out of this country that is why I say fix up your country and not invade ours to live off our citizens. I see like this the ones that want to be a citizen the legal way have the right to but those that try to sneak in have the only right and that is to go home and come back legally. We want immigrants, we want them to come here openly and legally. One other thing I’d like to change is how long a tourist can Live here. If you come here to visit with your baby and now the child is in high school you have visited way too long. Time to go home.

          • have u seen many whites in roofing crews,?or highway construction,lawn services , chicken ranches?….etc…

          • Whites can do anything you can , Another racist liberal.

          • That didn’t even make sense.

          • Yep, all over the place. Move north, very few mexicans here.

          • Opinionated12cents

            They are showing up in Alaska too…how much farther are you willing to let them push you? Stop them at the border!

          • David William Reid

            Actually very few because these companies only hire cheap labor. If it were a law that they were fined for hiring illegals more then it would cost to hire them, that would end tomorrow!

          • There is a law, getting the feds to enforce it is the trick.

          • let me see,to answer your questions properly,have I seen any white roofing crews or pavers construction people,yes I have and unless you grew up underground and sheltered,you would know we had white and black construction crews for years,I grew up in houses that were built by such men and roofed by such men,do you think the art of roofing only surfaced when illegals got here,or they introduced us to indoor plumbing and houses.You are a special kind of stupid if you think that.

          • Datrebor… you are correct! Some have posted here that we are not following Christ when he said feed the poor and help them, in so many words…. America gives more help and aid to other nations than any other country on earth, per capita….. We welcome immigrants but they must come here LEGALLY! They must follow our laws! We are A Nation of Laws! That is what a Republic is.. a nation of laws, not of men. The Founders said this. We are a nation of Laws, not men….”And to the “republic” for which it s stands….” If we were a nation of men, that would mean that if all your neighbors want to hurt you or kill you, they can. They can all gang up on you! No! We are not that! The LAW protects you! You can call the sheriff and be protected under the LAW! Once we ignore our laws, there will be chaos! These immigrants are coming here ILLEGALLY! They can come but they must come through the front door not the back door. They must follow our laws!

        • And they hate all white people and will throw up there race card daily like they already do lets tell the truth they hate all whites and so doies blacks

        • ur an idiot and u never served have u ….

        • it appears that most of them look like gang bangers Get a Life. If they want to come there for a better life do it the legal way.

        • Shana, The British were not Illegals. A nation has to have laws and established rules for all, which the natives did not. They were individual nations living on this land.

          Look to history, the natives were not the only one here– there were Spanish colonies, French, and from other lands that had established trading post… But it was the British that took root and formed a Nation.

          History proves that the King George, hired many natives to fight against the colonies… and that is where much of the bad blood came in between the colonist and Indian tribes.

          If they were united and formed a one central government, They would have had the right to fight the British colonialist, but they were not.

          This Land, which is the USA, was no more but land where people traded and establish colonies nothing more.

          You can’t nor can the Natives, which my mother is, can’t place laws there were not implemented onto a group of individuals tribes/nations.

          And for your view of the Bible… We are not all God’s Children. To be part of God’s Family one must accept the Son, Jesus as Lord and Savior…

          Now, we are all God’s creation… and He cares for all the same under those guidelines. That is if you were referring to the Christian Bible… if not ignore.

          We, as a nation, have laws concerning immigration. There are proper means to coming into this Country. This is not it.

        • No, people like you are what’s wrong with this country.
          Illegal Aliens know they can get over on weak people like you.

          • They are murdering us Real Americans half are black muslims killing Blacks, half are Hispanic Latino killing them real Americans. And Obama wants us dead . and he wants our kids dead and our troops when martial law is called, and they kill our Border agents

        • You, Shane, are what’s wrong with this country. Spineless and cowardly….the kind of person that makes this country easy to take over without firing a shot. In any other country in the world, a mass border rush like this would be seen as an act of war/invasion regardless of them being armed or not. I get really tired of hearing the “We’re all immigrants in some form” BS. I have no problem with any immigrant that wants to come here legally, go through the process required to become a citizen, provided he/she isn’t a criminal or terrorist. When your first act in this country is to enter it ILLEGALLY, you are already setting a great pace for being a productive member of society….pays no taxes, no auto insurance and run back across the border if you commit a crime. Yeah…please….welcome them with open arms. Why don’t you go try crossing the North Korean or Iranian border and see what happens…….we are tolerant and welcoming compared to 90% of the world…..where they imprison you for life, or shoot you on sight from crossing illegally

        • Shane Jackson, people who must use profanity to get their point across show a decided lack of vocabulary skills. You have a better vocabulary than that. I know, because I’ve seen your posts. I agree we should not kill these people, for goodness sake, nor turn away people in need, but these people are entering our country ILLEGALLY. Do you know what MEXICO does when people enter MEXICO illegally? They deport them. We should do the same. If they want to come legally, if they want to learn to speak a little bit of our language, learn some of our history and customs, that is one thing, but to come in this way? Nope. BTW, the Native Americans DID try to kill all the whites coming in to this country. They were outgunned and outsmarted, yes, but they tried to stop us.

        • They hate white people too tell the truth they descrimate

        • …Shane…you are so Wrong in every thing you just said… Stop being a useful idiot for these felon’s… Use your brain…think for yourself…do not let other’s think for you…

        • There is a way for these people to come here. It’s called, leagally !!! My Grand parents and Father came here from England thru Ellis Island leagally and became citizens….I am not an immigrant.. I did not migrate here….I was born here!! If
          they are not here legally they do not belong here!!!! PERIOD!!!!!

          • I wish Jesus would just take us Christians to heaven now , Lord help America, and all who are on this earth GOP , loves you all.

        • your a dumba$$ . .

        • Absolute. Bullshit.

          As a sovereign nation we have every right to protect our borders and the responsibility to protect our borders. You want to let everyone in? Fine. Change the law, advocate and get the consent of of other Americans to open borders, but ignoring this INVASION is absolute bullshit. And until its legal – which might happen with Obama, a democrat Senate, and a RINO run House leading the way – but until its legal, the only legal definition is this is an INVASION.

          So on that note, and in the spirit of Christmas season…. Fuck you Shane Jackson.

        • wow u are dumb. If you KNOW you will be killed for pulling a gun out in front of a police officer who is trying to arrest you, you will KNOW you will be killed after The Border Patrol starts doing this. You’d have to be a fucking moron to not understand. they are both VERY ILLEGAL and both SHOULD get you killed. Common Sense.

        • When our ancestors came here they did not act like the animals that are invading us now. Big difference all the way around

          • Seriously??? They raped, murdered & scalped the true First People of this land! You are right. They did not act like animals. An animal would not do the things that your ancestors did!

        • than the jews must of really done a booboo in the 1940s.

        • We are not all Gods children .We are sons of Adam. If you want to feed them and take care of them then by all means welcome them into your house. I dont believe breaking our laws justifies you being here if you come in illegally.

        • For flucks sake you idiot! Our ancestors came over LEGALLY! These turds want to overrun our country and take it over and make it the same shithole their own country is right now! NO NO NO!!! They cannot come in!!

        • Shane, the biggest problem we have today, are Christians that unknowingly support Marxism. In other words, being the problem without knowing it.

          I suggest you find out who the real enemy is, and start growing some true Christian backbone….

        • Susan Carole Berner

          We cannot employ OR feed the world. Where is the president of Mexico?? On a gold throne eating caviar, while his country is starving and rotting–let those people go storm HIS house–he’s loaded w/ money.

          • Where is our president? On fancy vacations, golfing, hanging out with billionaires (Oprah) while his country is without jobs, some starving, and other countries trying to invade our borders. These people are trying to come where it will be no better than where they are leaving if we don’t change this government in 2014 and 2016.

        • I suppose you’d have them living in your home? Or living like they do
          here in my town? Actually right across the street from my house and next
          door FYI! A 2 bedroom house with 12 or more people living in it.
          Babies sleeping on the floor and such because they can’t get jobs and
          afford better? They live with some legal relative that supports all of
          them? That’s a good life for these people? This is what you support? Or they work under the table, so cheap they can’t make ends meet for agriculture, or cleaning houses (not paying taxes, but using our Human services)
          Illegals making babies here on American soil, they can’t care for just
          so they can stay here. Then these kids grow up in poverty, in broken down
          trailers, allot of these kids join gangs so they can make a living. This is okay with you? Well, I see it everyday sir and it’s
          not something I think is Okay. It’s you whom should use your brain, think of what these people do to survive. If they have nothing and their country is so bad, why don’t they fix it, universal question we’d all like to know. Instead of harming border patrol officers, why not invade their government offices?

        • I don’t mind honest people but about 1 third of those assholes were gang bangers.

        • Here’s where you are wrong…. First of all, America is the land of immigrants where anyone can live here and become an American citizen. But they must come in the right way! Follow our laws! You speak of immigrants long ago. Well they came in through the front door not the back door. They studied about our country, took the test., learned English. These people are coming illegally….We are a nation of Laws, not men. The founders said that and said we are a “Republic,” which is a nation of laws, not men. We are not a democracy but a REPUBLIC! —”And to the REPUBLIC for which it stands…” Once we denounce our laws we are doomed. Chaos will ensue….. America has given more money per capita than any other nation on earth to the poor. Americans are giving and understanding but we want you to follow our laws, which protect the people already here!

        • What you say is all true! Except, you are judging that jobs aren’t lost because of these people coming in. You don’t count the people that will lose their jobs at home who are here as legal citizens, not cheating the system (like these guys are) so why would we want these types of cheaters in our land? So they can steal what resources we have? So they can take all our jobs cause corporate will let go of the old white guy to hire the easy to pay mexican? You are right God loves all people but He also does not want us ignorant.

        • Are you serious?
          FYI, there were no immigration laws when the pilgrims landed, and, later the Indians did try to kill the immigrants.
          Our ancestors who came over here, my grandparents and father, got their paperwork in order in the country they were leaving, they bought a boat ticket, and they went through proper channels when they landed at Ellis Island, they were processed and given green cards which once a year had to be renewed. If you didn’t, immigration would find you and send you back on the first boat out.
          Most of the immigrants who came here legally, had a working knowledge of the English language, and wanted to become Americans. These Mexicans want us to cater to their every whim and learn their language and turn America into mexico.
          You should follow your own advice and use that brain, if you are so intent on using your heart, why don’t you start a Adopt an immigrant program, you take an immigrant into your home and house, feed,& clothe him for a year, help him find work too. We’ll see how big your heart is after a year of that.
          Get all your friends to do it with you too, talk is cheap, action speaks louder than words.
          I’m not expecting any doors to any kingdom to open because that only happens in fairy tales.

        • It makes you wonder what is going on down there to make so many as desperate as they are to leave.Things are moving very fast now and soon it wont be any better here, and then we will all feel just as desperate, soon, nobody is going to have any food.

        • Sorry but Ellis Island days are over and even than not all immigrants were allowed into this even parents that brought their sickly children here had to make a choice of staying or going back to their native home or shipping their sick child back to their homeland………….. The list goes on for procedures to enter the country even back than. To bad it still does not apply today..

      • This is why America is a fascist country today. because of people like you.

    • We need to build a wall 20 feet behind the border & plant land mines in those 20ft then have ppl on thewall to shoot the ones that get past the mines & to help out with the cost let americans come patrol the wall,,,make it into a family vacation! I know alot of ppl that would take that vacation! Anyone that believes these ppl should be allowed in america should get out & go live with all these illegals!

      • Wow there’s a great thought…. A family vacation package to include an AR15 for each vacationer with enough rounds to last a week. The kids will get binoculars to use as lookouts and spotters… Points are given for each illegal brought down which would be applied to your next adventure… Let’s call it the Mexican wack-a-mole vacation… Contact your favorite travel agent.

      • They can use the method that was going to be used in Texas to allow people to hunt over the net. Log on and protect this country, man your very own Ar-15. Treat them like the invading army they are.

    • Thgey are killing US citizens dear God Stop this

    • Yeah, not as classy as our troops illegally invading Iraq.

  2. Que todos vayan a la chingada! Cabrones!

  3. anyone of them can carry drugs, bombs, be a terrorist. I am tired of my country being invaded and it not be a more severe response.

  4. Angel Sue Davis Lankford

    They are breaking our laws!!! They knew when they brought children and disabled people they were breaking the law and still done it.We can’t afford to take care of our own people much less anymore illegal people.And speak English…..

    • No more white hatters or Racist people we have enough look at Ophra, Al Sharption, Jessie Jackson, Obama , The first Drag Queen Obamas Husband in a Dress, And Jessie Jackson.

  5. fuck the paint ball guns pull out a 50 cal and kill the fuckers

  6. Illegal is ILLEGAL if it were one of us trying to do something wrong we’d get in trouble why are these dipshits exempt?

  7. i dont see any problem down there , they are just trying to invade our country, take our jobs., take advantage of our schools and hospitals, have enough anchor babies to turn the political tide . then once in power , bleed the the nation dry and turn it into a shit whole likwe mexico. all seems fine to me , i have no idea why people are so upset

  8. Blame the slaves of the world. If the natives had murdered your ancestors who were illegals you wouldn’t even be here today. Selfish opportunist, entitled iPad generation. You’re all somewhat illegal aliens. The problem with your country isn’t the immigrants. It’s the massive inequality and outright corruption. The FED loses trillions and you Americans just bitch about food stamps. Less than 0.20% of your population rakes in over 40% of the gross national income. This is the problem.. not the Mexicans you ignorant, redneck, racist, knuckle dragging fucks. Learn about the Rothschilds Central Bank…

    • Your right for the most part, however at this point in time we can’t afford to take in more people. We are over our national capacity of people we can support economically, adding more people today doesn’t help solve the problem. Also people bitch about food stamps because that is all they see as an option to survive. Some trade jobs need to come into the information era, these jobs typically don’t require a college education and can pay extremely well(sometimes in the six figure range). The other aspect of this is college is force fed into the minds of all students they are taught at a young age that if you don’t go to college your not going to be able to make ends meet. That kind of college or bust mentality has had a devastating effect on our economy. There are a lot of jobs that now require a college education that don’t offer enough compensation to justify college as a job requirement. This is where trade jobs things like welders, construction workers and electricians make a decent living. These are the kind of people that used to make up the middle class yet they aren’t mentioned as good jobs in schools. Fixing the middle class should be our priority and right now by raising awareness of trade jobs and offering things like apprenticeships and free training. We are not going to get ahead without making an investment in our future and absorbing a small hit now, however this needs to be done in a smart and intelligent fashion. Regardless of us living in a world where jobs in information technology are perceived to be some of the best jobs available by the general populous trade workers are just as needed to ensure our continued growth in the information era. This puts those very trade jobs probably at a higher value then they ever have been.

      • Less than 0.20% of your population rakes in over 40% of the gross national income. If Americans had a 900 million personal wealth cap you could take care of every man, woman, child & immigrant who came to your door knocking… My point is.. pick your battles.. the FED loosing trillions and your daily donations of 11 million to Israel add up.

        • Picking battles doesn’t work in this case, you are dealing with a contributing factor to a very large and multifaceted problem. Also what your suggesting is socialism which has been proven by history not to work in every known case. An economy based socialism has the same root problem at the end of the day as a capitalist one. This problem is corruption, this corruption exists in both our government and most high level corporate employees. Why do you think we have the college or bust mentality? It is taught to us in school simply because it is profitable. Do you really think the cost an Bachelor degree being $75,000 to $100,000 is worth the cost for a job that is only going to get an average $45,000 to $65,000 a year. The life time earnings of an average person is lower and it isn’t just because the poverty stricken take up a higher percentage of our population than in almost any previous era in US history. Also if you had $900 million personal wealth cap you would restrict people like Jeff Bezos(who has one of the great business minds) from being able to impact our economy in a very dramatically positive way. Think about the personal wealth Bezos has acquired through Amazon, yet he has fostered a culture where the quality of the work environment is great(in most cases some of the fulfillment centers struggle more in this area) as well as the wage paid.

          • The FED has LOST TRILLIONS you average middle class Americans.. You complain about 1.5 billion here and there.. you guys give Israel 11 million per day.. bail out GM by the tune of BILLIONS.. get your priorities straight.. you sound like Jay Carnie from the Obama admin.. making excuses for the Rothschilds/Rockefellers/Bankers while you blame the poor. Historically looking back, you’re all going to look like a bunch of nationalist rednecks. Big picture.. you’re getting fucked from the government and blaming the slaves.. god Americans are useless.

          • Read what I said rather then spewing the same rhetoric and you would realize my priorities are straight. You seem quick to point out all the problems but where are your solutions, I have put mine out there and it is a plan that will work. I have been saying for almost a decade we need to replace the current establishment because the one we have now isn’t working. However replacing the establishment isn’t going to work if we don’t define what this country needs. Unlike the Obama Administartion I actually believe in what I say and it
            is not empty words for blind sheep to follow. Redistributing wealth through free health care and federal assistance programs doesn’t work and makes people dependent on the government to survive. This is unsustainable as has been proven by countries that previously use a socialism based economy in the past. Rebuilding the middle class does help us achieve our goal of the restoration of our economy. Right now we need more
            people making an average of $50,000(per person) plus a year instead of the $10,000
            to $15,000 most make. Jobs that are low paying and
            primarily meant for college/high school students and people just starting out in life aren’t the jobs that(what should be) the modern middle class person should be working. The fact is with good jobs unnecessarily requiring a college degree when think like vocational training and apprenticeships should more than suffice we have put ourselves in a bind. If people have more money they will spend it and if more people are spending money our economy bounces back. In order to do this awareness needs to be raised for things like the IUOE and other trade based jobs. These jobs pay extremely well and in most cases over the $50,000 average I previously mentioned. I acknowledge a fix like this doesn’t work over night and will take time to implement and see the fruit bear from the efforts it will take. However that is good business. When looking at companies that have a long sustained success and you will see a common trait. They understand that success isn’t measured by how much money we can make as quickly as possible but how I can sustain a steady profit margin that grows over time. This is the mentality we need to take to fix our economy.

    • My state of Texas forks over on a yearly basis 1.2 BILLION DOLLARS to educate ILLEGAL CRIMINAL INVADERS, 100 million dollar for emergency room care, over 1 BILLION for hospital care for ILLEGALS, over 800 MILLION dollars a year for social services for ILLEGALS, and over 1 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR to incarcerate ILLEGALS. Don’t give me your have baked idea of who earns what and who makes what and who get what because you don’t even know what you are talking about. And oh by the way now we, especially us in the border states are going to have to be required to get TB shots because of the ILLEGAL CRIMINAL Invaders bringing it into our country on their third world socialist filthy butts. A country/U.S. that eradicated the disease is now facing more of the same because of ILLEGALS. DEPORT, DEPORT, DEPORT.

    • Hey, my family were NOT illegals.. they came to this country after having sponsors, applying to come here, and going through Riker’s Island in NYC. Their most proud day was when they stood up to take the oath to be a citizen and NOT ONE was ever on welfare or public benefits.. they had jobs and worked for a better life and to provide that for their families, to have dignity, not be leeches… So Ralph, don’t generalize saying ‘If the natives had murdered your ancestors who were illegals” Many of our families came here the LEGAL way and are proud of that… And maybe, just maybe the reason that .20% of the population rakes in the largest percentage of the national income is that those people IN that .20% have worked to educate themselves to be productive and get good jobs, or worked themselves up the ranks so that they can have good jobs in the companies they work for.. Most of these immigrants come here with 10Th grade educations and will stay at the level of low in come earners.. you want MORE disparity? More poor for us to support, the .20% can’t do it alone, and maybe, as I said, they are the 20% because they are Americans, appreciate the system, do it the right way, and have busted their chops to contribute.. Way to stop all of this is to forbid these foreigners from getting benefits or working here if they are not legal, if they can’t get a free ride or a job, they’ll stay at home… We need laws to prevent them freeloading, then there will be no attractive lure for them to come here… they come for the freebies and almost free.. so cut that off and they will not come! There may be corruption in this country, Ralph, and that needs to be dealt with, but the type of corruption you are discussing will not resolve all the problems of American society. This immigration issue IS a problem, added to the corruption it’s a disaster. With more resources we could educate and elevate our own people, if we did not have to pay out so much for these invaders… each one costs THOUSANDS of tax dollars and give back little to nothing… think that is not a drain? Think again.

  9. Kill em all it is time to use force just as the mexico would do against us it is time to close our borders once and for all these people are not welcome and real Americans don’t want them here

  10. I have read a lot of post on this matter some make sence some do not the fact is that all illegals regardless of where they come from need to be removed as far as these that were attacking the law enforcement they should have been dealt whith the same way the law enforcement deals with Americans today they treat us like shit and them like we owe them a living I personally have had more then enough.

  11. Do you think for one minute this was not done to force a confrontation, you are dumb as a box of rocks. Tear gas the shit out of them and back it up with the National Guard.

    • No, we’re looking at this all wrong. Attack Mexico, make them the 51st State. They will get their wish to become citizens and tax payers. We get their oil, their resorts and break the unions. Who would complain, the President of Mecico? Make him a Senator and he’ll make more money than being President of that cesspool. We clean up the “drug” problem and the military gets to shoot something. How is this not a win/win? Just think of all of those new taxpayers for Obamacare. They won’t have to invade this country, they’ll have there own state.

      • RFID MICRO CHIP in Obama care mark of the beast, …Is Obama the Antichrist jesus said his name in Hebrew…is obama gay 3 lovers murdered…Machiel obama is a dude/ man..Obama care is hacking computers..Biden announces New world order…Obamas book My fathers dreams..hell use illegals for Liberal vote and were going to fema death camps with gas chambers and gas chambers in train cars he just added them , first term..plastic coffins..for us whites Gop, Christians..Islam will take over kill Mexicans only one left Blacks and Muslims will take over USA

  12. I can’t even believe our border is open, especially after 911. You think we would learn. More will have to die in order to defend our country.

    • We go to Airport and get stripped serched. why are they here ? FOR WAR. to take over our nation. to kill more Blacks , Mexicans, Latino Americans , and Liberals want them here

  13. Put our National Guard on all borders and start shooting. This is trespassing big time. When we don’t have borders – we don’t have a sovereign nation. Their country should be doing something about this. Where are their priests and pastors?

  14. If life in Mexico is so frickin bad why not organize and do something about your own government? Learn a lesson from the revolution.

  15. bet they still have more bullets than there are illegal scumbags-”SHOOT A SPICK” could become the new knockout game

  16. I was in awe watching this. These people are not what we have been lead to believe are the poor hungry souls trying to come to America for a better life. These are well dressed Mexican citizens, invading our borders, and looking as though they feel they have every right to do so. This was greatly disturbing to me.

    • LIVE in southern COMMIEfornia for 40 years, or in Arizona or Texas along the border for any length of time, and you will learn the TRUTH about our “little brown brothers from the south.”

    • Not only are they killing, raping and assaulting Whites they are killing, raping, and assaulting Blacks in Los Angeles County. The lamestream media has been keeping a ‘hush’ on this in the last couple of years because they don’t want Blacks to rise up against this….too late. The Black communities are against this, as well, as they well should be!

    • What is the first thing THEY ARE FORCED TO DO, STEAL, HOME INVADE TO EAT!

  17. Welfare for all and for ever

    You fucking Americans Racists voted for obama

    All the world wants America welfare


  19. Border Check Point – When ANYONE storms a controlled border crossing they should expect to be repelled, by whatever means necessary. Try running INTO Mexico and see what you get!

    When the bullets start flying, watch the crowd turn and run the other way! We wouldn’t need to do this more than once or twice and they’d get the idea…

    • thank you for pointing that out GRusling, you are sooooooo right. Mexico would shoot you, heck if you show up in mexico beyond one mile of the border and don’t have papers, visas, and proof of insurance you would be thrown in JAIL and then deported, and that is only if they didn’t shoot you first.

  20. No to Amnesty

    A few Republicans in the House are working to advance immigration overhaul
    legislation. What are they thinking? And why are they doing it? Those
    supporting the Immigration/Amnesty bill are Democrat/Statists who look to the
    illegal immigrants as votes; Union Bosses who look to the illegal immigrants as
    dues paying members; Corporatists who look to the illegal immigrants as cheap
    labor; Churches who look to illegal immigrants as contributing parishioners;
    Establishment/RINO Republicans who look to be liked by illegal immigrants; and
    the illegal immigrants themselves looking for stuff. However, the proponents of amnesty never talk
    about the effects it has on legal American citizens.

    The immigration problem has put a strain on our economic system. It
    over-extends the healthcare, welfare, schools and legal systems in this
    country. This amnesty bill, accompanied by Obamacare will only exacerbate the
    unemployment and underemployment of American citizens, because employers could
    terminate many legal Americans, replacing them with the illegals due to
    Obamacare. As for paying taxes; many of these illegals are low skilled, working
    low wage jobs and if you believe Jeb Bush are more fertile than legal white
    American citizens. Therefore, they will not be paying any income taxes. In
    fact, they will be getting tax credits i.e. money from the taxpayers, unless
    our tax system is changed. Furthermore, what happens to the people who are
    waiting to get in legally? Will they be allowed to enter too, which would
    double the amount of people being let in? Putting an even bigger strain on this
    country. President Ronald Reagan made a mistake when he granted illegal
    immigrants amnesty. Let’s not let it happen again. There is no reason to pass a
    monstrous “immigration/amnesty” bill or any immigration bill, just
    enforce the laws already on the books.

    What part of ILLEGAL do these people supporting amnesty not understand? If
    a law is not enforced, is it a law? You do not reward people for bad
    behavior and by allowing illegal immigrants to stay the government would be
    doing exactly that. Current immigration laws are not being enforced by the
    Obama Regime and that is the problem; they want to pick and choose which laws
    they want to enforce. The supporters of amnesty talk about bringing those
    [illegal immigrants] out of the shadows; when in reality they are out of the
    shadows, picketing and demanding they receive amnesty and welfare benefits. The inmates are clearly running the asylum.

    What would you call 11 Million + illegals in this country if not an
    invasion? Check out Laraza. It is a racist organization that will be running
    many facets of the Amnesty law. The United States is a sovereign country with
    borders and laws. The Federal Government’s primary responsibility is to protect
    its citizens from enemies both foreign and domestic. Our immigration laws are
    being violated and not being enforced. Article IV Section 4 of the US Constitution
    states, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a
    Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion;
    and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the
    Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.” I would consider
    the 11+million illegal immigrants in this country amounts to an invasion.
    Therefore, the 68 Senators who voted for the amnesty bill are TRAITORS to this
    country and in violation of their oath to defend the Constitution.

    What must and should be done is the following: secure the borders;
    enforce current immigration laws against the illegal’s and the people and
    companies who hire them; let it be known to the people living here illegally that
    when caught they will be deported; and then work on reforming and streamlining
    immigration policy. No one is saying they are going to be rounded up and
    deported right away or all at once. The illegal immigrants did not get here all
    at once, therefore will not leave all at once. Nevertheless, if the United
    States started to enforce immigration laws and let it be known the illegals
    would be deported many of them would self deport. This bill if made into law
    will destroy this country. The US House is the firewall to the Amnesty bill
    being passed. Everyone needs to burn up the phone lines to your US
    Representative to keep this amnesty bill from becoming law!

  21. The
    following is Mexico’s immigration laws:

    1. If you migrate to
    this county, you must speak the native language

    2. You have to be a professional or an investor. No unskilled workers


    3. There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools, no

    special ballots for elections; all government business will be

    conducted in our language.

    4. Foreigners will NOT have the right to vote no matter how long they

    are here.

    5 Foreigners will NEVER be able to hold political office.

    6. Foreigners will not be a burden to the taxpayers. No welfare, no

    food stamps, no health care, or other government assistance programs.

    7. Foreigners can invest in this country, but it must be an amount

    equal to 40,000 times the daily minimum wage.

    8. If foreigners do come and want to buy land that will be okay, BUT

    options will be restricted. You are not allowed waterfront property.

    That is reserved for citizens naturally born into this country.

    9. Foreigners may not protest; no demonstrations, no waving a foreign

    flag, no political organizing, no badmouthing our president or his

    policies, if you do, you will be sent home.

    10. If you do come to this country illegally, you will be hunted down

    and sent straight to jail.

  22. This is what we will be supporting if the get amnesty or reform. You think Obamacare will break the bank just wait until all 50 million illegal immigrants get on it and YOU PAY FOR IT.

  23. Border Patrol should have just opened fire on them.

  24. they took er jobs

  25. We’re suppose to be a Nation of Laws, not men, but these days, the law means nothing anymore. This is the beginning of so much trouble when this country is no longer a nation of laws. The left wants these people in for VOTES! Now it has all come true, when the founders said, we will never fall from a foreign enemy, but “from within.” You are watching the destruction of America right before your very eyes. I miss the old America so much and so do millions. I’m 59 years old and remember a different America, the one closest to our Constitution and you followed the laws back then. You came in through the front door, not the back door where you studied about our country, learned English and took the test! We must stand up and fight against this corruption and destruction of our laws. This is when Chaos will ensue.

  26. I have heard on the news where they said that— Here we are, checking babies at airports, old women, and putting the American people through such scrutinies at the airports etc…and all the terrorists has to do is come in through the Mexican border. This Country basically, has just become STUPID!

  27. This is an act of war!!! #DroneStrikeRequired

  28. The problem is that many Republicans talk the big talk… Build walls, enforce laws, keep them out … However, while they’re saying all of this to the public and you and I immigrants are mowing their lawns, washing their cloths and dishes, and painting their homes – sheer hypocrisy. Democrats want the votes, Republicans want the cheap labor or should I say that both want all. The problem with Republicans in this battle is that they must lie the their constituents because the Conservative working-class vote wants them gone – for obvious reasons – and the other’s want the cheap labor. Democrats on the other hand don’t have to lie in this battle at all.

    We have to remember that prior to Reagan they were called Migrant Workers or Seasonal Workers and most went back home during the winter. However, when Reagan granted 3 million amnesty he inadvertently or intentionally began a snowball effect, they’ve not stopped coming across since, and then came Bush Sr., Clinton and NAFTA which bolstered their confidence.

    Anyone that wants to argue that it’s not about cheap labor needs to think back and needs to be at least fifty years old, because I remember when they were not in public at all, you never saw one at a convenient store or grocery store, and Spanish wasn’t even thought about as being a second language.

    When farmers found that they worked hard, word spread, amnesty was eventually given, and the migrated to the skilled trades: carpentry, brick-masons, electrical, plumbing …. trades that once paid really well. Then a few gained citizenship and opened businesses and hired their brethren; thus, putting American contractors out of work – seen this more than once – Americans can’t compete with the low-bids and job quotes of the immigrants.

    So, you tell me. Are they benefiting or hurting the American, not global, economy? It’s an obvious answer if you’re a true and patriotic American.

  29. Solutions have always been simple. If they keep us at bay from crossing their border, and would shoot to kill if we violated Mexican sovereignty.
    Shoot to kill the Law Breakers from Mexico!

  30. Stacy Commiekiller Lives


  31. GEE thanks fu—ing obama just what we need , we know you you are doing all of this to weaken the U.S. people and disteact them from all of the other shit you are doing such as letting russians set up GPS stations manned by them on our soil. We don’t need and can’t afford to have foreigners of any kind coming in and taking our jobs and freeloading from our other resources.

  32. We need to be using live amo I don’t like it but it is the only thing dumb people under stand ..

  33. throw them mcCain ,and some other rino’s and liberals who love these invaders like schumer and if that doesn’t work open up with tear gas and machine gun fire …… dragging women and kids in front for protection is old muslim terrorist trick .. thse are terrorists coming to destroy America …… they do not want to become Americans

  34. Our sick president has let this invasion go on long enough. What if some of these people had guns and fired at the border patrol agents? There might have been a slaughter. Close the border and deport the illeagles that are here. Stop playing games with peoples lives for votes.

  35. Our whole border needs to have mines placed in it.

    Every last person, who tries to get into this country ILLEGALLY should be shot on sight. No Warning Shots & No chance to explain why they came across the border.

    This is another thing that is destroying this country! ! ! !


    TELL MEXICO, NO MORE AID IN ANYTHING if this continues to happen!

  36. Diane Carol Grimaud

    We need to keep these illegals out of our country and send back the ones who are already here. Damn. this is disgusting. Obama needs to do something besides create more voters for the GD dems

  37. let,s go get barrack and throw him and his bitch over the fence!! now that I would like to see!!

  38. Think of the American children and adult citizens that wasnt killed by drunk driving illegals , or infected illegals that would spread disease or the young girls that was not raped by illegals. Thank You Border Patrol

  39. start shooting before its too late there’s over 30 thousand here now not counting the muslim scumbags

  40. They need to learn how to fix their own country instead trying to come to ours constantly. Their is enough of them to make a difference

  41. This is a direct result of our governments betrayal … its like if the government refused to enforce bank robbery laws there would be great gobs of people demanding their right to rob banks…. not only that they stole our social security money….and we are suppose to “trust” them”

  42. We need to defend our country against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

  43. To my progressive leaning, open border frenemys, I would ask: do you have extra room to take them in?

  44. I believe that this act amounts to invasion of our country. We MUST defend our borders any time this happens with weapons made to disband them quickly. If they are brave enough to try and “rush” our borders, they better be prepared to “rush” back over to their own side before they get a load of buckshot.

  45. Build The Wall

    To resolve the problems of the illegal invasion of America by foreign
    elements, and to take actions against those who would appease those elements by
    ceding political power and citizenship to them. 11 to 30 million is not
    immigration, it is an invasion.

    Take these steps:

    * Build the wall.

    * Crack down on illegals. First offense is deportation, seizure
    of assets. Second is long-term interment in concentration facilities, seizure
    of assets. They are invaders, POWs. Dependent children will be deported.

    * No citizenship, now or in the future, for ANY baby born to
    illegals in this country..

    * Treat an illegal taking part in our elections as an agent of

    * Illegals taking part in additional criminal activities will be

    * Illegals taking part in additional criminal activities tried
    by military tribunal: They are invaders, not citizens, and they have no right
    to our civilian judicial process. Upon conviction of capital offenses,

    * Businessmen and officers of business and civilians convicted
    of being involved in knowingly transporting, hiring, and housing illegals will
    be turned over to military authorities, and assets seized. This is an invasion,
    it is war.

    * Try those elected officials voting for amnesty as traitors.

    * Reject any obligation of future officials to be bound by the
    terms of amnesty.

    * Re-invigorate legal immigration. Use processing fees that
    would otherwise go to smugglers to bring in additional legal immigrants.

    (Immigration, real and legal immigration, invigorates our
    economy, our culture, our heritage.)

    Base quotas on the need provided by purging of 11 to 30 million

    When the certain punishment for capture causes the benefits to
    pale, we’ve went a long way in solving the problem, and the cost, of

    If you agree, pass it on, and send it to your Congressional representatives.

  46. The public schools were not meant for their culture, they have several kids, and the schools have lowered their standards due to the kids don’t learn well, Our schools are not use to this many kids over crowding the system. and Calif is paying half their paychecks on taxes for them! all of them get a welfare chec and hud homes if they have a baby, and they all start having babies around 14 years old! This isn’t a racist issue its a culture clash! and they refuse to learn English, and the anchor sons turn into gangs!

  47. Put a few of us old Marines on the border with sniper rifles and watch the number of illegal crossings plummet to zero!

  48. This is exactly whuy we need to stop wasting time, money, and energy in the middle east. Bring home our troops, secure our border, and protect We The People from this invasion.

  49. c’mon GUYS,just wait in line,pay your50 bucks and you are american!don’t have a license,no problemo,you don’t need one.don’t worry about school,we will slow down the smart ones,so the little vatos can catch up!free food,medical,education,its good to be an american!

  50. man we should jus buy Mexico then we can have job in this country—and cheap labor—–maybe even some good realestate

  51. Nobody seems to have realized: the White House is on the other side (our side) of that border fence. Anyone not approaching the White House by approved, appropriate means may be shot!

    And yes, I realize the White House is a few miles down the road, but the point remains the same: they’ve jumped the fence. Shoot them.

  52. Hot water poured down the wall (Seeing as it is well onto USA soil) followed by boiling oil will give the diehard a hint. A few Chemical Smoke and tear gas rounds and they should get the idea they aren’t welcome.

  53. JuanOskar JayMaynes

    I don’t like comments like”Shoot them”. There are questions to be asked. Why is Mexico trying to get rid and export all of their men? And why did everyone look so well fed?

  54. Send them to the White House so they can tend to Moozilla’s ghetto garden.

  55. Christopher Columbus was an illegal immigrant

    • Ah!, yes,…Mr Christopher Columbus Fontanarosa,….well that man ,…he was an explorer,….on those days rules – as we have them now – they were not there….everyone, out there knows and understands this….don’t we all?

  56. This is disgusting! More freeloaders trying to invade are country because they think it belongs to them. I don’t blame the Mexicans trying to come here I blame the their corrupt government.

  57. And they say we are not under an attack from the south Just think with their laws in Mexico about Illigals what do you think would happen to U.S. citizens by the Mexican Government If It Was Reversed With Us going Down there Like that?

  58. Emilio I. Bustamante

    Why they don’t follow the protocol? If they really like USA, apply to the nearest U.S. embassy and have you recognized lawfully. It is so easy right ?

  59. why dont they shoot them??? any other country would










    1 – A JOB,



    4 – WELFARE,

    5 – FOOD STAMPS,








    And there you have it.


    • Let’s consider this;


      Here is a plan,…just, walk with me.


      Actually, it is not so complicated at all, and here is why;

      Since we did not paid them to come here illegally,… we ARE NOT! to pay them for going in an AUTO-DEPORTATION PROGRAM OF THEIR VERY OWN.


      …And so, it will not cost not even a penny to our taxpayers to se them ALL OF THEM GO BACK TO THEIR POINT OF ORIGIN.


      And THAT! my dear fellows american is the correct way.



      So , as everyone can see…is very brief and simple,…so simple that even a drunk chimpanzee ,and /or a lobotomized baboon can understand it.

      Are we all clear on this? Opinions welcome.

    • Some one just took my comment down about White slavery in Africa, usa and Black slavery in Mexico..must be a liberal Communist taking my freedom of speech away

      • Well, you see,..there is a lot of ‘censorship’ / filtering ,if you will,… on anything that may be seen as ‘toxic for the current administration’;….
        there are Obama’s ‘protectors’ / fifth columnists, if you will / or worshipers that are working as ‘moderators’ at different blog sites through the entire American NET.
        Even FOX News Agency has been infected by this.
        Try to post any comment that could be seen as’ incendiary’ or not good directly or indirectly for the current Obama regime?….and you are out.

  61. And they are throwing rocks and bottles at the guards… How to win friends and influence border patrol…. MORONS….Just what we need more thugs here in the states

  62. SHOOT THEM ALL , They will stop. They are taking a risk and they know it.

  63. I cannot imagine this
    God bless our Law enforcement officers . what a difficult job it is to maintain order
    May be USA should invest on Mexico to help them overcome their poverty . I did not like the way the illegals come to USA like this . It is insane sorry

    • I doubt investing in Mexico to a large degree will help, don’t want to be negative, but I understand there is a great deal of corruption in their government down there.. already existing… I have real doubts if we sent money down there it would be used well, and might be just like throwing it down a bottomless well.

  64. You’re all talking about a wall. Ever heard of the tunnels they build. A wall won’t stop it and tunnels won’t either. They will find a way. Our boarder is way to long and too expensive to defend. And no I don’t know the solution.

  65. If only they’d spend as much effort trying to improve conditions within their own country.

  66. Where’s the ARMED National Guard?

  67. This is just the beginning of the border rushes.

    Here’s the deal and here’s the reality of why these dirt bags are rushing into the USA. #1 Obama’s possible amnesty. #1(also) No work in Mexico (they don’t care that there are no American jobs either). #2 No social programs in Mexico like those that the dirt bags can get here after amnesty.

    Solution: A viable plan for American states to create jobs and grow businesses that MUST be forced on the Mexican government so they will do the same. Threaten to end US subsidies to Mexico if they do not implement the easy plans found in the Mealer Initiative 2014 ( )… Along with this is the legalization (and heavy taxing) of marijuana so that the drug cartels cannot make their operating funds from it and of course, the other anti-drug cartel Mealer Initiative plans as noted in the book on Pg 16.

    Keep in mind that these people ‘at least’ refused to run dope for the cartels in order to get across the border and into the American cities. That’s probably what the women had already done in order to make their way in before the men tried to rush the BP.

    In the meantime, these types of rushes must be dealt with (if need be) under the guise of ‘full lethal force in defense of one’s life’…. But, the fact is, none of us are being attacked or bum-rushed and the BP is trained to deal with this type of “attack” by dosing them with pepper-spray balls and It worked.

  68. This is just the beginning of the border rushes.

    Here’s the deal and here’s the reality of why these dirt bags are rushing into the USA. #1 possible amnesty. #1(also) No work in Mexico (they don’t care that there are no American jobs either). #2 No social programs in Mexico like those that the dirt bags can get here after amnesty.

    Solution: A viable plan for American states to create jobs and grow businesses that MUST be forced on the Mexican government so they will do the same. Threaten to end US subsidies to Mexico if they do not implement the easy plans found in the Mealer Initiative 2014 ( )… Along with this is the legalization (and heavy taxing) of marijuana so that the drug cartels cannot make their operating funds from it and of course, the other anti-drug cartel Mealer Initiative plans as noted in the book on Pg 16.

    Keep in mind that these people ‘at least’ refused to run dope for the cartels in order to get across the border and into the American cities. That’s probably what the women had already done in order to make their way in before the men tried to rush the BP.

  69. gas those damn savage beaners Mexicans suck

    • Why did they just take what I sad about White slavery In Africa, white slavery In Amerca, blkack Slavery in Mexico..down ?

  70. heads on sticks along the border makes a great deterent.

  71. This is an act of WAR why isnt our president doing something about this invasion this is treason.

  72. should let em go in the country like theres even real Americans your all Ex cons from Europe read your history..

  73. Our government has betrayed us.
    They have our guys and gals on the BORDER ENTRY to our country with (wait for it)…..PEPPER SPRAY and stun bullets??? Wtf???? Our government has betrayed us.

  74. From your Canadian friends America, give those illegals a bullet for us.

  75. Why are we the only country that puts up with this in a gentle way? ANY other country (including Mexico) has no qualms about imprisoning/harming anyone who ILLEGALLY attempts to gain access to their country. There are legal ways to gain access to our country that are being ignored/disregarded.

  76. Only good mexican is a dead one…. we should have 25mm bushmaster chain guns about every 200 meters and mow them and there scume bag kids down…. fuck those spics

  77. This is Obama’s doing. He will not let the border security enforce our laws. Remember he “OWES” the corporations for funding his re-election, this is it.

    Self deport these freeloaders. AMERICANS NEED TO DEMAND TO BE FIRST PRIORITY. We have the authority to demand from our government, these freeloaders do not. Take away all the State and Federal programs from them, fine employers much higher fines if they hirer them and change the 14th amendment so their children do not become automatic citizens just because they are born here. They need to have 2 US Citizen parents just like the rest of us. THEN they will have to go home and make their OWN countries better or file LEGAL documents to come here. ALL THEY WANT IS EVERYTHING FREE. And we are tired of paying for it. Democrats that are pushing amnesty thru for their own agendas. The Republicans are wanting to do it in small steps because they know Democrats want it all so they can get the votes from these freeloaders. And Obama “OWES” these companies for paying for his campaign, remember. This isn’t going to bode well for Americans you can bet on it. It is time we put Obama in his place again and let him know he CAN NOT HAVE HIS WAY!! HE works for We the People, NOT illegal immigrants that are criminals when they use fake or stolen ID’s that is a felony offense. THEY do not deserve to be here. PERIOD!!

    • They send billions of dollars out of the country every year. In addition to your suggestions let’s require that people sending money orders to a foreign country provide a valid photo ID as proof of citizenship, a VISA or Pass Port.

  78. Belt fed machine guns would have solved that situation in about 30 seconds…. If I was president Boarder patrol would be given shoot on sight orders , each Patrol vehicle would be armed with an M240 Machine gun and 3000 rounds of ammo, each officer would have a AR-15 with 240 rounds of 5.56mm each

    • The invasion of America needs to stop – the 20 plus million Illegals in the USA need to be deported with prejudice & the Anchor baby spawn !

  79. Boy, are my congressman and senators going to get an earful on monday!
    And I’ll go *personally* to my congressman’s office!

    • 1/2 of illegals are black who kill our African Americian Family the other kills our Mexican , Latino family, over dope and kill our cops top 2 killers in US are blacks , illegals, who kill more than iraq war, why DOPE shut border off , get illegals out put us back to work again

  80. Why isn’t the entire border electrified? Try to get through and get fried. Seems like a decent solution. Tired of people trying to come here illegally. If you want to live here, not a problem, but do it the right way. If you already are breaking laws to come here, then the rest of our laws are probably not an issue for you either, with little plans to comply.

    Stay in your own country, and help make your country better.
    Here’s a news flash – America is fast on the road to being like Mexico anyway, so you are only closer to snow, not to real freedom, as long as Obama is in office..

  81. If they have all this energy to fight to come over here why will they not fight to have a better way of life in their own country?

    • EXACTLY!! It is because their government coaxes them to go across the border and they know OUR president won’t push back.

  82. Boy, and I assume that “President Snow” is doing nothing about this.
    We REALLY DO need to Impeach him for dereliction of duty on this *one issue alone.* He simply will not defend us!

    • Fast and Furious he sold guns to Drug Cartel now 87,000 dead Mexicans and dead border Agents Obama , Hell O Y , Eric Holder, Susan Rice ,needs to go to Jail , our troops need to arrest them right now

      • We need to find out WHY this tyrant is not facing charges for any of this. He seems to have them all bound and gagged. Blackmail? I know Pelosi and Reid are not strangers to doing that.

  83. What ought to alarm American citizens is the arrogance of these FOREIGNERS. They show total contempt for our national sovereignty, attempt to crash into our territory by overwhelming the authorities. They attack our law enforcement officers with bottles and rocks that can cause serious injury or death. And still we have liberals telling us that they are innocent, benign little people who we should feel sorry for and reward with amnesty.

    • Yes and Obama wants to make them all US Citizens. Only to give his corporate friends that he “OWES” slave employees and the Dems will get the majority of the votes. THIS is why we need to have voter ID. AND get rid of all these crazy Mexicans that will do nothing but bring our country down farther.

  84. What’s the real difference between these people and the idiots who voted for BS-Barry – TWICE? Well, at least they (the Mexicans) haven’t committed treason, either purposely, or out of total ignorance and greed. Maybe we can set up an exchange program… just thinking.

  85. This video is proof as to why we have to turn our southern border into a DMZ.I served as a Marine,I would be more then happy to serve that cause.Then just maybe we can start working on all these internal problems we have and make our since great nation great again.

  86. Don’t bother with teargas, rubber bullets or any other type of deterrent, “Ready”…”Aim”…”Fire”! FMJ only. Enough of this shit!

  87. Aw…that little kid was so cute!

  88. Start shooting real bullets and they will run like the coward cockroaches they are

  89. Haa..these CRIMINALS will complain about not being able to commit crimes HERE. Imagine how BAD it is in MEXICO, yet they..being the COWARDS they are, will come here and VIVI LA MEXICO! Even the cockroaches don’ want to live there!

  90. American border control as pussies. These are criminals engaged in criminal activity. They use more force against lawful peaceful protesters around here. WTH

  91. Demoncrats empower the legal profession and if you shoot one, then american lawyers will sue you.

  92. Looks like a lot of inbred folks in here. Starts with the legals then moves on to the blacks. Take a chill. Have a beer and watch Larry the cable guy and try not to have children.

    Here is a thought you inbred monkeys…… Take the money we are wasting in the middle east and help Mexico. Don’t see a fence along the boarder of Canada. Why cause they are well off. Now commence to your insulting rants….

    • You don’t see a fence along the border of Canada? Um, most US citizens are happy here, they are not fighting to go to Canada for a BETTER life as life here is just fine (FOR NOW) and Canada is about the same in terms of economic prosperity as we are… Take the money we are wasting and help our own people and reduce our debt… forget about giving it away, PERIOD.

  93. James Kevin Jones

    All they have to do is swim 100 feet across the border fence, not difficult.

  94. There are legal ways to come into the country. These people are criminals plain and simple.

  95. This is what happens when you have a dumb illegal nigger for president and a bunch of bleeding heart libtards in office giving our hard earned tax money to these fuckers. We don’t need no stinking wetbacks. Kill them all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Once they suck the US dry they’ll be hopping the border to Canada

  97. The minute that a bottle or rock is thrown, it is time to shoot to kill.

  98. .50 cal machine gun would stop this shit real quick.

  99. Shane Jackson is a liberal cock sucking cunt. Go south you bitch.

  100. Immigration laws are FEDERAL LAWS. If US citizens are found to have broken the law, they are prosecuted harshly, usually convicted of a felony. These ingrates break Federal law, and they get free phones, food stamps, welfare, and jobs if they want one. Prosecute them if they break the law. Why should they be exempt? It is unfair to US citizens to have 2 sets of laws, 2 classes of people. We need to take back this country, and prosecute any companies that knowingly hire illegals. In spite of what many companies say, there ARE US CITIZENS who will do the construction work.

  101. We should have the military or a civilian force on the border, a heavily MINED area between and those who are unlucky enough to get through the minefields, get M-60 trained. We also need to reign in our stinking a$$ kissing politicians and FORCE them to close the border, from one end to the other, get our Border Patrol forces back to the levels they need and end this illegal bull crap. The Mexicans should force their own government to treat them better so they’d stay home, where they belong.

  102. These illegals have done far more damage to our country and 10 Al Quedas will ever do.

  103. This should be seen as an act of war…WE need to shoot the F’ers down and that will send a clear message…Mexico wouldn’t put up with this from Americans..We shouldn’t put up with this from Mexico

  104. Just imagine, it all of them coming across were true conservatives. Obama, Boehner, Pelosi, Reid and McConnell would have the Marines on the border to stop them and send them back. We need to kick every one of their asses out of office.

  105. we need to put our troops that are coming home on the borders with orders to shoot to kill ! and fuck Obama!

  106. All of us posting need to send our Representatives this video and tell them………get rid of them or lose your political career. PERIOD!!! This is NOT good for us or our Country.

    • I sent this letter to my Representatives and also to Boehner, Harry Reid and Rand Paul as I am hoping to vote for him next election for President. Anyway, copy if you like or reword it but SEND IT TO ALL OF THEM.

      Please watch this video. These Mexicans are getting so defiant and belligerent WHY would we want them here. ALL they want is for US to pay for them living here.

      Close the damn border completely and then make them ALL go home. There is NO GOOD reason for them to be here that would benefit Americans. You know it and we know it. IT STRICTLY FOR YOUR POLITICAL GAIN. And we WILL NOT stand for it.

      You can easily make them self deport. Take away all the State and Federal programs, make FINES even higher for employees who hire them and change the 14th amendment so their babies DO NOT become automatic US Citizens when born here. They need to have 2 US Citizen parents like the rest of us have to be a true US Citizen. They will flock home immediately.

      We are sick of this and if anything isn’t done to get rid of them……… are stirring up a hornets nest. If you can’t see that coming you better start paying attention. Americans will not stand for this crap.


  107. David William Reid

    This is one reason why there can be no amnesty! If you cannot come here the right way, there should be no way for you to come at all!

  108. The really sad thing is they want to come in and then change the USA to the same fucked-up shithole they are coming from. Striking stupidity.

  109. These are the people we want to bring into our country? Putting their kids at risk, knowing they are doing the wrong thing. What would we do with all those people anyway? Where do they go to live? They have no jobs, homes or even a car. Nothing but the clothes on their backs. So what, crime to pay their way? We want to be invaded by these people? That’s what this act looks like to me, an invasion. Attacks on our border patrols. I suppose we should just welcome them in with open arms? Nah, I don’t think so. You come here illegally your an invader, a criminal who has no respect for America’s laws. You should be sent back to your home.

  110. Obama has ordered drone strikes w/o declaration of war in 6 countries ,w/3 americans fr. Arizona being killed here,suspected terrorist (real or excuse) 1 was 16 yr. son not suspected. Yet this is done with out any consequence. But they have been invited by O. with yet another law he signed.years ago borders were ordered and money spent on rebuilding and construction of borders,yet no one held accountable to following through with completion. New law shot on sight “Don’t Knock, Don’t Come In” my suggestion. From Mexico alone 3mil + known illegals and many mil. more not counted,and O. inviting thousands Iranians to seek refuge and they are here and more ea. day. Muslim nation and Mexico cartel for our gun partners makes for a strong case of treason. “Fast and the Furious” swept under his dirty rug. Born in the USA is becoming the “Few and the Forgotten”

  111. all you guys are idiots always saying just shoot them kill them, its dumb people like you are the reasons whey we’re going to war with other countries. Just cause you think you’re better then everyone else.

  112. Meanwhile , Islam takes over

  113. Tijuana Mexico Border Line Cross By San Diego over big wall security by Big Canal.

  114. Muhammad Tahir Din Ch

    Tijuana Mexico Border Line Cross By San Diego California usa over by big tall wall security by Canal.

  115. This is an invasion. And our government is supporting it.

  116. I know of well to do, educated, Mexican families who ship their pregnant women to the USA just to have their babies so that the kids get all the benefits of being a US citizen. They come here on “vacation” or to “visit family,” have the child in our hospitals, then go right back home with the newborns knowing they were born on US soil and now will get all the benefits of being a US born citizen. Makes me furious…

  117. I say its time americans take to protecting their borders. If the border patrol can not do it right, then we go with our guns, and WE do it right. Tired of this shit. We work for everything we have in thsi country, yet they come in and try to take everything without working for shit.

  118. It is quite understandably against the law for an individual or even a group of American citizens to invade another American citizen’s home even if it is only because they are poor, hungry and trying to “better their own lives”. What kind of fool is okay with non-citizens being allowed to do so? Anyone who believes these people need food and money should by all means take their own personal food and money across the border and give it to them. However, Do Not try to give them what is in my house!

  119. Electrify that fence, and have the border patrol use machine guns. Not many would be willing to risk death by bullet or electricity.
    I would say that was a planned event, I guess they figured some might get through.

  120. How about we adopt Mexico’s immigration policies?

    Some of you bleeding hearts might be interested to see what happens to illegals who go to mexico.

  121. Our country (politicians) dangles the carrot of free everything including healthcare and then we expect that they won’t try to cross the border? Take away the extremely tempting incentives and watch the crossings diminish.

  122. Marco Sanchez Ramirez

    I am a American Veteran I’ve been deployed to Afghanistan, I also was born in Mexico my family moved to the US legally. I can agree on the fact that illegal immigration is corrupting our country and it’s something that should be stopped. We shouldn’t blame “Mexicans” for the problems that are going on but why not blame the President who isn’t making harder laws for illegals? I’ve seen the good in this country but when people resort to saying “shoot the bastards” all you do is make Americans look bad and make my country look bad I didn’t go over seas to protect racism I went to protect the Constitution and my land. Granted I would rather guard our borders than go back to Afghanistan.

  123. Paul Braxton Hicks

    …maybe we should all just return to our own homelands… …oy, so much needless hate in this world… …we are all immigrants, unless your family was native American – and I see no names here that ring that bell.

    …stealing our jobs, lol… …ain’t no freaking white boys on mowers for less then minimum wage… …do you people realize how retarded you sound..? …where will you get your cheap labor from anyway..?

  124. If they want to come here like that and violate the law round them up and put them in prison camps. Give them the option to return home once and apply for citizenship. If they snub our laws again keep them in prison and they will have what they asked for, the US taking care of them. If you cross into Mexico illegally you are thrown in jail. If they want open borders it should work both ways or make Mexico a state.

  125. Another thing that illegals do is steal our social security numbers. This happened to my son.

  126. It’s nothing but an invasion.

  127. Put fifty cal. On the border and use them! You’d only have to do it a couple of times and this BS would stop real quick.

  128. Hey they here we give a way free housing, electricity, water, clothes, food stamps and cash every month, a long with food pantries as well as free health care for all now!! Put the military on the border with loads of rubber bullets and gallons of pepper spray! Enough of this shit already, it is an invasion!!

  129. Did you hear that? “Put your gun away” good lord they some of them intended to shoot their way in!

  130. Smelly dumb beaner scum.

  131. Cubans that came her legally hate this crap. I talked to a few Cubans that say the same thing. *If they want to enter this country, they have to learn English and work at becoming a citizen legally* We The People say the same!

  132. As I’ve said…enough! Mount the M-60′s and let ‘er RIP!

  133. Also…would someone PLEASE tell me why the obvious deplorable conditions IN Mexico are never addressed? Just how bad is it? We , despite Oblamos lies , aren’t getting their “Best and brightest” Just their poverty-stricken, drug addicted, low intelligence cast-offs.

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